On what devices can I use BrilCloud?
BrilCloud is platform independent, which means BrilCloud works on almost any operating platform. A computer, tablet or smartphone with any operating system can access BrilCloud through its web browser.

For Smartphones and Tablets, applications will be provided to users. Such applications will be available on Android and iOS
Can I download files from BrilCloud onto my mobile phone?
You can preview your files using the web browser on your mobile device. To download the files, you will need to download the BrilCloud mobile app*.
Do I need to make a purchase to store my files in BrilCloud?
Yes, once you purchase the BrilNet and BrilCloud annual subscription, you can use up to 50 GB of online storage. You can also choose to share your files with non-BrilCloud users without them having to make any purchase.
What is the maximum file size I can share/download at a time?
You can share or download files up to 2 GB at a time.
What kind of files can I store in my BrilCloud Drive?
BrilCloud allows users to upload and store any types of files and access them from any location, provided that there is an Internet connection.
Can I share files uploaded on my BrilCloud account?
Yes. BrilCloud allows you to share your files with others via email pre-included with a download link. Each download link will remain active for 7 days.
Which music file format is supported?
Major formats are supports – MP4, MP3, OGV, etc.
Can I retrieve a file/folder after it has been deleted?
You can go to the trash icon on the right side and restore the file. Once deleted, the file will remain in the trash bin for 180 days.
I cannot upload a profile picture.
Make sure the format of the image is either in png or jpg.
I received a shared link but I am unable to download the file.
Check to see if the link has expired. Once expired, you will need to request for a new download link from the sender.
How do I share, rename, download or delete a file?
By hovering your cursor on a file, you will be presented with the option to rename, download or share your file.
How do I create/upload a new file?
You can create files by simply clicking on the New button. You will be provided with three options:
  • Text file will create a text file to your current folder in BrilCloud.
  • Folder will create a folder within your current folder.
  • From link will download the selected file from the provided link and place it into the current folder.
How can I move a file from one folder to another?
Files can be moved by dragging and dropping them into another folder.
How do I import contacts into my BrilCloud address book?
  • Click on the contact settings icon at the bottom.
  • A pop up will appear.
  • Select the address book you would like to import the contacts into.
  • An upload window will appear where you can select your files. You have the option to upload one file at a time or upload them all in one go.
  • Once uploaded, your contacts will be automatically placed in your address book.
Note: the file format of your contacts must be in vcf.
Why is the calendar app asking for my current location?
The calendar needs your current position in order to detect your time zone. Without the correct time zone, there will be a time offset between the events in BrilCloud and the desktop calendar synchronised with BrilCloud. You can also set the time zone manually in the personal settings.
What are the system requirements? (Is it Mac compatible?)
Who can I contact if I have any other problems?
Contact QNET Global Support Centre (GSC) at if you have any other problems regarding the use of BrilCloud.

*Mobile app subject to availability.