What is BrilNet?
BrilNet is an easy way to exchange ideas and information with anyone, anywhere. It combines real-time desktop sharing with audio/video conferencing. BrilNet is a great tool to help you work with people from different locations with its web conferencing and phone sharing tool along with its many online meeting capabilities.
How is BrilNet different from other similar services?
BrilNet is the only web conferencing service delivered over a proprietary network, optimised for security, performance and reliability, allowing you to share rich multimedia content in real time in order to best represent yourself and your business. You want a service that makes you look good.

BrilNet is fully scalable, it will suit your needs whether you're purchasing BrilNet for yourself or for everyone in your multinational corporation – and anywhere in between.

BrilNet works for meetings with anyone, anywhere—whether they're inside or outside your firewall. Anyone with an Internet connection and a BrilNet account can join your BrilNet meetings.
How does it work?
BrilNet is software delivered as a service (SaaS). Simply purchase your annual subscription and you can start using BrilNet from any computer with an Internet connection, and even from most smartphones!

Once you have subscribed to BrilNet, you can invite others to participate over email. They simply click a link in your invitation to join you online, where they'll get visual prompts to join the conference.
Can I use BrilNet from my mobile phone or smartphone?
Yes! You can attend a meeting with Smartphones or Tablets on 3G or WiFi*.

Please note: Meetings conducted on the Smartphones or Tablets via the BrilNet Application is not in sync with the Laptop Solution.
What about video conferencing?
BrilNet offers support for multiple simultaneous webcam feeds displayed in high quality resolution video so you can get face-to-face with everyone in a meeting.
Can someone else present?
Yes. You may pass the presenter control to an attendee by simply passing on the rights. They can then show anything on their screen. The new presenter can share their own computer screen, application or document.
Can I record my BrilNet session?
Yes! Record any of your BrilNet sessions for reference, review, or reuse. Your recordings will automatically be saved in the file section of your dashboard.
What type of files can I share via BrilNet sessions?
BrilNet supports multiple file formats such as docs and pdfs, excel sheets, presentations, image files, etc. Please note that if the file size is big or has multiple pages, it might take longer time to upload.
How many people can join a BrilNet session?
BrilNet allows you to connect with up to 12 participants in one session.
What are the system requirements for using BrilNet? (Is it Mac compatible?)
Who can I contact if I have any other problems?
Contact QNET Global Support Centre (GSC) at if you have any other problems regarding the use of BrilNet.

*Flash plugin must be installed for Audio and Video Conferencing. Java must be installed in case the user wants to use Screen Sharing and Meetings Recording.